Space battles attract many gamers from all over the world. Only here there are secrets that will never be revealed to mankind. There are even more fierce battles between factions than on Earth. And here we need spaceships that can change the outcome of the battle.

StarGhosts is a space-themed browser game. For those who love the battles between the fleets of the future, she will definitely like it. Your task, as the captain of a warship, is to control it and win battles.

At the beginning of the game, you need to choose which faction you want to join:

  • Phoenix
  • Titanium
  • Aurora

There are no technical differences between them, so everyone chooses based on the appearance of the ships.

In order to buy a starship of a higher level, you need to upgrade the equipment. To do this, complete the tasks that the system offers and take part in battles.

What to shoot?

The combat arsenal is also divided into levels. To gain access to a more powerful weapon, you need to complete a series of tasks. Available in the game:

  • Plasma weapons
  • Catapults
  • rocket launchers
  • minelayers
  • And other weapons

When you are in a battle, the main task is to skillfully combine different types of weapons in order to win the battle.

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