In front of you is an MMO action game, with nice graphics and an interesting plot. This game, released by developers from the CIS, has conquered the whole world. How? Read more about this.

The game is built on the powerful Cry Engin 3 engine. This is what allowed it to go beyond the CIS and become one of the most popular projects in the world.

In 2012, when this action MMO was released, it was hard to find a game with better graphics. Here, each texture is worked out so high quality that it is literally indistinguishable from real analogues. It seems that in front of you is a window to the real world.

What’s inside Panzar?

It’s nice that the game pleases not only with juicy graphics, but also with convenient game mechanics. You constantly need to fight with opponents, and it may seem that this is boring. But when you begin to understand that the chip is in team interaction, then it becomes not only easier to play, but also more interesting.

After each battle, you get gold and experience, which are spent on character development. They also provide resources for upgrading armor and creating healing potions.

You won’t get tired of playing Pantsar even after several months of active play. This is a dynamic project that perfectly helps to relax after a working day.