This is a continuation of Dungeons and Dragons popular throughout the CIS. The release of this game delighted millions of gamers, because the developers promised that they would make a chic project. And they did it – the game is addictive for hours.

The main feature of Neverwinter is the story. Instead of walking and constantly doing the same thing – killing mobs, you are offered to complete quests. This is the only way to improve the character, and this pleases: the tasks actually turned out to be interesting and dynamic.

By the way, the whole game looks more like action than MMORPG. It’s all about the game mechanics:

  • You can aim by pointing the weapon at the enemy
  • Ability to dodge enemy attacks
  • You can deal strong blows by combining skills

In just a couple of hours spent in the game with friends, you will get a huge charge of good mood. The game will not be boring, because when going through quests, you need to make quick and informed decisions.

In Neverwinter, you can simply go with a group of friends and play the way you want. And even if you do not like the MMORPG genre, then this game will surely please you. The absence of a grind makes the project indispensable for gamers who like to solve puzzles, alternating this with colorful fights.

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