Heavy Metal Machines

How about racing in a post-apocalyptic world? Around you are old but fast wrecks, the remains of buildings and a lot of weapons. Go?

Races that destroy everything around. You have one goal: to take possession of the bomb and take it to the finish line – the enemy base. But it’s not easy to do that when you’re under fire from all sides. And these are just the flowers: they also set you on fire with a huge flamethrower, take you to a ram, and also use other methods. The main goal of the enemy is to destroy you.

There is no track in the game, but there are different cars that turn into real monster fighters.

What is the essence of Heavy Metal Machines?

Players are divided into two teams of four people each. In the center of the map is a bomb that you need to take possession of. To complete this task, and then take it to the enemy base, each team has three classes of vehicles:

Armored transport vehicles. It is they who must deliver the bomb to the enemy base. They have strong armor to deflect enemy projectiles.
Interceptors have more powerful guns, but are not as armored. Used to disable enemy transporters.
Support vehicles – they repair allied vehicles.

Remember the importance of team play, and start right now!