Entropia Universe

The line between the game and the real world is blurred. Now you can earn real money in games. They are not enough for life, of course, but as a nice bonus for the time spent – why not?

This project was created on the famous CryEngine 2 engine. Probably, this is one of the few MMORPGs that brought so much excitement to the ranks of gamers. And here’s the thing: here you can not only play, but also earn money at the same time!

Game currency can be exchanged for real money. True, the withdrawal period can reach as much as three months, and for this the company takes a good commission. But not in this: you can withdraw real money from the game. And no matter how long they will go to you, this is not a salary, after all.

What is the game about?

Before you is the Universe, consisting of several planets. In fact, this is a large open world where you can do anything: hunt mobs or make weapons.

PED – Project Entropia Dollars, is the in-game currency in the Entropia Universe. The exchange rate to the US dollar is 10:1. This is not much, but if you think about the fact that one player somehow sold a space station for 100 thousand dollars, and then withdrew them to a bank account, it makes you think. If you already play games, then those that are useful in the real world, right?