How do you feel about ninja from the future? Who knows not only martial arts, but also an energy sword, for example? Not only that: he is on a mission to save the Earth, cleansing it from evil. Unusual, right?

Download the game client right away, and for now we will briefly talk about WarFrame.

Surely, this is the first time you see such a non-standard project. And it’s really worth it:

Your character is a representative of the Tenno people. Little is known about them: they perfectly master the ancient martial arts, and also wear a special WarFrame nanosuit. It improves the physical performance of the body: strength and agility.
Throughout the game, you will unlock different costume modifications: one makes it possible to induce panic on the enemy, another makes you invisible, etc.

There is one minus in the game – the need to constantly replenish the hero’s energy reserves. The fact is that all his abilities constantly consume energy. You need to use skills quite often, but there are few items that replenish energy.

Tip: be sure to think over the strategy of attack and defense so that your supplies last until the end of the mission.

Another feature is the tasks that change dramatically. So be prepared for such surprises!