Stronghold Kingdoms

Stronghold Kingdoms

Economic strategy with a military flavor. This is a popular pastime among gamers who like to collect and distribute resources.

Stronghold Kingdoms is a fun real-time strategy game. The edition of the game is the third in a row, and includes the latest additions. The main thing is the emphasis on online battles with neighbors.

The tasks of the player, as before, are quite typical: you need to collect resources and develop your settlement. Even though the game is a few years old, the graphics still look nice. The detailing is also on top: everything is coolly drawn (from general landscapes to blades of grass). When the city lives a calm and measured life, you can observe the life of ordinary people.

Real strategy

Another nice feature of the game is the maximum realism of what is happening. For example, you can put the unit the way you want. Some warriors can even enter buildings. And it’s nice that the developers created the right proportions: the soldiers look small in comparison with the buildings.


The most interesting is strategic. For example, you can send your monk to a neighboring village to recruit their peasants. Therefore, if you like to brainstorm, then Stronghold Kingdoms is a godsend for a strategist.

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