Royal Quest

Royal Quest

There is no powerful engine or modern pictures. But there is a sense of atmosphere here, for which gamers love MMORPGs. If you prefer classic games, then this project will definitely take a place in your heart.

Royal Quest is a classic MMORPG. Here you need to pump your hero, penetrating into the surrounding world of varying complexity with demons and other fiends of evil. Perhaps not the most intricate plot, but it just allows you to enjoy the game.

The game will appeal to gamers who are used to learning game mechanics themselves. You are almost immediately sent to Aura – the world, in closed almost all locations. Therefore, a character development map must be compiled independently.


He is missing as such. There are a little over 600 quests in the game, and they are all of the same type. Unfortunately, for most of them, the reward is meager.

To pump the hero faster, it is recommended to exterminate monsters. This is much more interesting and profitable, and allows you to skip the passage of quests altogether.

So why play it if the plot is so simple?

The whole point is that you play calmly and enjoy the game. Download Royal Quest and see for yourself.