She has a shower of fans all over the world. Until recently, you could only play on PC or console. But what about without your favorite game on a long journey, for example? And now, meet – the legendary game, which finally got to iOS.

Over 100 million users have already been in the sandbox since 2016. As for mobile games, this is a serious record that few people can handle.

Surely, you know what Minecraft is – a game simulator of the real world. Here you can create anything. Crazy ideas? Incredible buildings and cities? All this can be created in the application. Your imagination is not limited by anything – the charge of a smartphone, perhaps.

The results can be obtained without completing quests and missions – boring. But this is only a first glance. For starters, build your city, and your opinion about it will surely appear.

How is the mobile version different?

The developers could not fit all the attributes of that version of the console (this causes limited use of applications), however, and that is. In the game, you can buy space on the server, and your world will work around the clock.

The most interesting mode – survival, was saved. As in the full version, here you need to build from mobs and upgrade armor as needed.

Still in doubt? Download soon!

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