World of Warships

Marine manifestations of the times of the Second World War are dynamic and original. Military equipment that will please every man: battleships, destroyers, cruisers and torpedo boats. Do you want to become an independent person responsible for the remains of a ship with a crew?

Wargaming, after the successful release of a shooter with tank selections, decided to release a continuation of the series about 20 plants equipment. This time it was the navy. It uses arcade and reality: each combat unit is a game prototype of a ship that was used in the last century.

Among them, there are also concepts that have remained drawings on parchment designers. But in World of Warships, they are watching and impressing players with their power.

The game has several branches with a total consumption of equipment of more than 200 pieces: from the sick to the Second World War. the player can upgrade several branches of technology:

  • USA
  • USSR
  • Germany
  • Japan
  • France and others

The fleet in the game is divided into several classes:

  • Destroyers are small and agile ships that play the role of scouts. Due to their low weight, they are mobile and almost invisible in the rear of detection. A few of these ships often “hunt” for larger ships, waiting for them in secluded places. They are fast and put to good use (for their size).
  • Cruisers are real destroyer fighters. They are also versatile and can play a variety of cutscenes in combat, from support ships to reconnaissance. They also personally faced a more aggressive opponent. The main condition is that the cruiser should not be alone, but with many partners.
  • Battleships are the main combat unit in battle. They have powerful strikes, while protecting themselves from damage with powerful armor. It is the battleships that are the firepower of the entire team.
  • Carriers are support ships that have an exceptional or significant surprise air strike. They are quite difficult to manage and need protection. However, choosing a secluded place, and striking in time, it can become decisive.
    Game Factors You Never Thought About

Did you know that there are even cases of initial differentiation?

It can easily change, and now the alignment of forces on the map is no longer the same as it was at the beginning of the battle. This is a real game and making quick decisions.

Always remember that World of Warships is a team game. Good luck!

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