World of Tanks

Do you have a weakness for military equipment? Probably yes. After all, every man is struck by confident power, which does not need to prove anything. She does not need to look colorful and bright in order to attract attention and prove her peculiarity. After all, everything is clear that in front of you is a real combat unit.

Inspired by this idea, the developers of World of Tanks have created a world-famous shooter. The key feature of the game is a huge amount of military equipment of the last century.

Various armored vehicles were gradually introduced into the game. At first it was tanks and self-propelled guns of Germany, the USSR and America. With the development of the game and the increase in the gaming community, the developers have added many branches of other countries, up to the little-known technology of Czechoslovakia.

You can personally test this or that tank in battle – for this you need to upgrade branches with vehicles. Each combat unit performs its functions. Therefore, try a few things in combat to understand which of the playstyles you like best.

You can choose from the following types of equipment:

  • Light tanks are vehicles that serve as scouts. They are fast, have light armor, due to which they are easy to maneuver and hide from the enemy.
  • Medium tanks are versatile combat units that have more powerful armor and guns. Ideal for reconnaissance and group breakthrough of flanks.
  • Heavy tanks are the main firepower of the team. They have impressive armor, HP reserves and powerful weapons that terrify opponents. Face-to-face with him is a tough survival challenge.
  • Tank destroyers are anti-tank self-propelled guns that have relatively weak armor, but are one of the most powerful guns in the game. Most often, they stand far from the thick of the battle, and hit opponents with well-aimed and powerful shots.
  • SPG is artillery that stands still and strikes all over the map. With a single shot, she can deal damage to several tanks, as she uses high-explosive fragmentation shells.

This is the main key to success. Playing alone, it is impossible to save the entire team if everyone else is doing nothing. There are 15 people in one team, and the fate of the battle depends on how well they will play.

The algorithm creates matches that include different classes of vehicles. The chances of winning are approximately equal for everyone, and then everything depends on the skills of each player.

Updated graphics and a sound card will help you plunge headlong into the battle, so install the game on your computer as soon as possible!

World of Tanks
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