Do you love war battles in PVP mode? Then this online shooter is for you. It has everything you need for a great game: realistic graphics, lots of drive and easy gameplay. What else do you need to unwind after a day at work?

The battles in this game take place in different locations around the world. You will visit the megacities of the future and the farthest corners of the planet. After all, you will play the role of a professional fighter, so you should not be afraid of such prospects.

There are four classes of players in Warface:

A sniper is a military man who is effective at long range. His main weapon is a rifle that can hit the enemy with one shot.
A stormtrooper is a soldier that performs a versatile role in combat.
An engineer is a military man who, with the help of submachine guns, approaches enemy positions and sets mines.
The Medic is a military doctor, without which the team will not be able to hold out even for a few minutes. He heals allies and intimidates enemies with a shotgun.

The game also has many PVE missions where teamwork is important. Therefore, this game is still considered the best military shooter – it has everything that a demanding gamer needs.

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