War Thunder

War Thunder

Do you like games with military equipment, but are you already bored with the tanks of the last century? Then try global battles involving aircraft, ground vehicles, ships and infantry.

War Thunder is a global project where you can try on various roles: from the commander of an entire flotilla to an ordinary tanker. Here you need to fight against smart opponents – all fights take place online.

Each player has access to a huge amount of military equipment: more than 500 aircraft and 300 ground vehicles, as well as ships that were used in real battles of the last century.

Realistic battles and colorful graphics

The battle is fought simultaneously on three fronts: on land, sea and in the air. Everything is exactly as it was during the Second World War. On the global battle map, 7 powerful countries are fighting at once:

  • USA
  • Germany
  • USSR
  • Italy
  • France
  • Japan
  • England

For those who love such games, it will even be difficult to choose a technique. The fact is that there are a lot of them in War Thunder, and you want to try everything at once. But on the other hand, this is a plus, since you can use an almost unlimited number of bundles.

Naturally, at first you control the old equipment of the beginning of the last century. But as you upgrade, more powerful and modern combat vehicles become available.

Several types of military equipment

Among the huge number, everyone can find what he likes:

Aircraft: attack aircraft, interceptors, fighters and bombers. Ground vehicles: tanks, self-propelled guns, air defense, armored personnel carriers and infantry fighting vehicles. What’s going on in the game?

While you are fighting another enemy in the air, on the ground you are already being tracked by air defense systems. Not only do you need to avoid being hit, but you also need to lure your enemies into ground fire from allied forces.

Therefore, you smoothly lead them behind you, and they do not notice your allies, who immediately open fire. This is a cunning strategic move that has won this battle.

This is exactly how standard battles happen in War Thunder. To get a victory and pump over a branch of technology, you need to skillfully use the potential of combat vehicles and work in a team. You can’t relax even for a minute when you think that victory is close: the enemy can build an insidious plan that will lure your team into a trap.

One of the most difficult tasks is the destruction of targets that are on the ground. You simultaneously need to defend your territory, destroy enemy objects, and fight on all fronts.

Time to fight! Download the game client from the official account and upgrade your hangar.

War Thunder
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