WhatsApp Messenger

WhatsApp Messenger

WhatsApp Messenger has emerged as the king of free to use message services. WhatsApp started out charging just a dollar, and then promising no fees and no ads, ever. The people agreed, they all loved it. WhatsApp now has over two billion users in 180 countries. We bet someone snuck a WhatsApp app into those other 13 countries as well!

WhatsApp started around 2010, and quickly evolved to win and grow a huge install base of loyal clients, who all loved the free voice over IP services. WhatsApp was an international hit, and works across platforms to deliver texts and photos, links, contacts, videos, etc etc.

Facebook recognized how great WhatsApps is. They showed this by buying WhatsApp back in 2014 for 22 billion.

WhatsApp is now formally called WhatsApp Messenger. Messenger was of course a huge hit of an application on it’s own. Personally, we love WhatsAp better though. WhatsApp Messenger now comes with all of its original features, and all of the best features from Messenger,. As well as whatever new developments in social messaging have come from the deep pocketed developers, backed by eleven figures in cash, to merge and develop WhatsApp for the next generation!

The new features of What’sApp Messenger include video recording, large groups of real time chat room style interaction, and who even knows what all else! The chat room apps keep improving, now you can mute certain others in the conference by hitting their tile. Boy, that’s a feature we would have paid for in any number of corporate and/or family conference calls in the past.

WhatsApp does now have, as promised by Facebook, end to end encryption that can be turned on or off, to make totally secure messaging possible. We are very happy to say, after a short experiment, WhatsApp Messenger has no ads anywhere. Just like the vision of the original founders. People kicked back hard against the attempted commercialization of WhatsApp in that fashion. The ads that did appear were very unpopular, until they were fully removed. And WhatsApp is still free!!

WhatsApp became popular because it is so easy to install and use. It is available for phones on the Google Play store, or on the Apple store, or directly from yes, you guessed it, WhatsApp.com. It runs on Android, IoS, and even KaiOS, the Linux based mobile phone operating system. There are some of the usual requirements, WhatsApp will no longer support Android phones running older than Android 4.1, and Iphones have to run at least iOS 12, which is already almost five years old.

Once you have the lovely green receiver icon on your mobile phone, you can install WhatsApp directly on your PC and / or Mac, running Windows or MacOS. Which is nice if you are moving a lot of pictures or other important documents through. The mobile app first is a requirement however, and only one phone number at a time.

Where we live now, everyone will quickly contact you on your WhatsApp instead of your phone. Others will insist that they be contacted on WhatsApp, not on a phone. WhatsApp is considered cheaper, better, faster. Many small businesses prefer WhatsApp, maybe to keep a separate record of messages with their customers. Everyone can just assume everyone else has WhatsApp these days, or will quickly download and install the app if for some strange reason they have not already. That happened to us, and the small biz was like, just install it now and shush.

WhatsApp has a lot of subtle features that loyal users have grown tight with over the years. For example, if someone changes phones, conversations are not lost. Unless desired to be lost. When contacts change phones or even lose numbers, they are still altogether on WhapsApp once they find an internet connection. Long distance phone bills are no longer an issue. No need to worry if your messaging pal has an Iphone and you don’t, or vice versa. Pictures or even videos are sent back and forth without even wondering if someone’s voice carrier still supports SMS messaging, or not. We think WhatsApp is so good that carriers feel there is no use in bothering to support SMS messaging anymore!!

Even Meta, the new parent of WhatsApp Messenger, now calls the service WhatsApp. The latest slogan is “Private Messaging Across the World,” which is pretty sweet, especially the no subscription fee, $0 communication part.

So get with the world, and download or update WhatsApp Messenger today!

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