Communication with personal or business calls has many faces these days. There are countless apps to choose from. Well, if you are looking for an app to provide secure calls and messages to everyone you want to reach, and call quality and message security matter to you, I strongly recommend you install the free Viber app.

The app was developed by Rakuten, and it features unlimited free messaging, It also provides both voice and video calls. It has become very popular since its creation; boasting over 200 million users by 2015. B When you are on a video call, the picture of the speaker is well-defined and the sound quality is always clear.

Viber can be used for either individual or group messages and/or calls. Members of groups can show their support by “liking” others’ posts, You can make your calls instantly, or plan and schedule a group meeting from the app.

Viber also gives you the entertaining option of adding gifs and emojis. If the special character you need or want for your message doesn’t exist, the app even allows you to create your unique emojis.

By now, you may want to know which devices can feature this app. You’ll be glad to know this exciting new app can be used on either a mobile phone or a laptop. The app is very easy to download. It begins with the user providing their mobile phone number, and that number becomes their online identity. To verify the user, a text is sent to their phone and must be entered into the new Viber account. This initial process is both quick and easy.

If you are passionate about social media, and your community wants a new and exciting way to share their thoughts and to attend online meetings, Viber can efficiently provide that platform for you. Groups can be completely business-oriented or be more personal in nature. For example, groups who want to share members’ birthdays can do so. The app helps you gather your group for a group chat; to display past chats for future access, and will always keep all your member’s personal information completely private. The app will accommodate groups of up to 200 members. Group members can be added to or leave the group at any time.

Confidentiality may understandably be a prime concern for your group members. Many groups want their members to feel free to voice their views on any subject, and to be able to be open and honest with their views when speaking to the other members. All posts, conversations, and videos on this app are always encrypted. Users can opt to have their delivered messages saved by backing it up to the users’ Google accounts, or they can opt for past messages to disappear. Privacy may also be a concern for you if you want to use the app for your personal calls. All of the content on Viber is always secure. Group administrators can open the chat to all group members, or can restrict public content to those members who have earned the administrators’ trust.

Parents may have concerns about their teens’ joining the communities on Viber, and members under age 16 need parental consent to join. Patents might also be glad to learn there are several ways to block unwanted content, even from other group members. There are also ways to report offensive or disturbing content to the group administrator.

If you are still wondering if Viber will bring value to your personal or group communications, it will interest you to know Viber has gained a very favorable buzz from its thousands of satisfied users. On the Software Advice website, Vober users gave the app an overall 4.3 rating (out of 5) when evaluating it for ease of use, customer support, and functionality. Users who left specific comments mentioned the app’s ease of use when adding contacts and when starting a group meeting. They also confirm the app’s promise of clear audio quality with voice and sound; as well as sharp and clear pictures. Many younger users really enjoy the option of easily adding those colorful emojis. Of course, all its users are glad the app remains free.

For those whose communication extends outside this country, the app can be extended to make international calls through its extended paid services through Viber Out.

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